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At ergoFLEX, we’ve been helping northwest companies with injury and claim prevention needs since 1996. Before that, Tom Garger worked for six years at the Oregon Pain Center as an exercise therapist. While working primarily with injured workers he saw recurring problems with the worker’s compensation system. Injured employees waited too long to get help and were often re-injured after returning to the same job. Plus, there was little assistance available when the person returned to work after a soft-tissue injury. Tom developed an effective, early-intervention program that could keep employees on the job, get them the help they needed and save companies money. Based on the idea that “Earlier is Better,” ergoFLEX was founded.

Nobody has time for an injury. Employees don’t want to take time off and employers don’t want the added expense and paperwork of a claim. The goal at ergoFLEX is to create a win-win

situation. We help companies save money and keep employees productive by catching problems early or avoiding them in the first place.

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We’ll help you save money by reducing your number of soft-tissue recordable claims and improving productivity. Early intervention through ergoFLEX costs about 5% of what the average recordable claim might cost and our success rate is consistently over 90%. That means you save money and time. Take a look at some examples of actual early interventions in our case studies.

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Caroline Crippen


“I started ergoFLEX to help employees and companies alike. I get tremendous satisfaction from my work and I feel privileged that companies trust ergoFLEX with their people.”

Background: After graduating from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in P.E. and coaching, Tom worked for six years as an exercise therapist at the Oregon Pain Center, a multi-disciplinary treatment facility for injured workers. There he developed expertise in exercise and self-treatment for work-related injuries.

Expertise: Since 1989 Tom has been developing the ergoFLEX system, which has been proven to help correct problem areas through employee education, ergonomic modification and active early injury management. His teaching and rehabilitation background helped solidify a set of skills that allow him to work with a wide variety of people and dozens of companies in many different industries and work settings.

“I enjoy helping companies and their employees discover the advantage of ergoFLEX as a cost-effective approach to working and living well.”

Background: A graduate of the University of Oregon, Caroline earned her degree in general science with a minor in chemistry. She also has a background in biomechanics and exercise science. She has business management, bookkeeping, and editing experience, which adds a professional, detail-oriented approach to her work. She has been a part of ergoFLEX from the beginning and understands how and where ergoFLEX services will help.