How We Help.

When we work with a company and its employees, everyone benefits. Your company saves money, and employees learn to alleviate and avoid pain through active injury management.

Reduce your healthcare premiums

Healthcare costs are rising at least 10% per year with no end in sight. One way to control costs is to reduce use. ErgoFLEX customers tend to call us for work-related and non-work-related problems. If non-work injuries are affecting their work performance both the employer and employee can benefit by resolving the problem with a proactive self-care approach. An Early Intervention approach will help your employee with their immediate problem and also leave them with skills and knowledge to deal with similar problems in the future. This can

help reduce the number of unnecessary doctor visits and the related costs up front and down the road.

Save money, time, and headaches

We can help reduce your soft tissue, recordable claims by up to 75% in the first year. An Early Intervention (generally three, one-hour appointments) may cost less than 10% of the average soft-tissue recordable claim. And since more than 90% of individuals we see using this approach don’t file a claim the savings can be significant.

Earlier is better

The ergoFLEX system can be tailored to fit your company’s immediate needs. Give us a call and we’ll work with you to develop an industry-specific plan that helps reduce your costs.