On-Site Early Intervention


Soft-tissue injuries can go days or even weeks without being reported to a supervisor. Early Intervention gives employees a way of getting assistance for pain or other symptoms before seeking medical treatment. Our early interventions help employers by working individually with employees to alleviate symptoms while avoiding time off work and to help them identify ergonomic or body mechanics issues that may contribute to those problems. Ideally early interventions are done on site during the employee’s shift but sometimes need to be done before or after depending on staffing. Each intervention starts with an initial appointment where we investigate the problem and get the employee started on some stretches and self-care skills that are specific to the type of problem they are having. There is a follow-up appointment one week later to make corrections and adjustments to their routine, and a final appointment two weeks after that. Each session emphasizes stretching, strengthening, and proper body mechanics, as well as analyzing any workstation ergonomic issues as-needed. The goals are to help them alleviate symptoms from their current flare-up as well as leave them with skills that help them deal proactively with any future similar problems.