Group Training

Body Mechanics Training

The cause of most soft-tissue injuries can be traced back to poor lifting and materials handling techniques, or poor body alignment while working. If you were taught to “bend your knees” and “keep your back straight” then these trainings are for you. This limited approach to body mechanics can actually lead to poor lifting technique and increased risk of injury. Our body mechanics trainings emphasize the Big Six™ lifting fundamentals, which are based on bio-mechanical principles of balance, stability, proper alignment, and efficient movement. Trainings are active, interactive, entertaining, and designed to teach your employees techniques that they can use at work to avoid injury and increase productivity. These trainings work well in large and small groups.

Stretching Programs

Workplace stretching programs can help reduce the risk of injury by increasing circulation, warming up muscles, lubricating joints, and decreasing pain. Our ergoFLEX WorkStretch™ program includes everything from general warm-up routines for an entire workforce to job-specific stretches crafted for specific work areas or tasks and teaches our unique Dynamic Edge™ stretching technique. WorkStretch™ programs help employees take care of their bodies in relation to the work they do.