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The key to saving money and maintaining healthy, productive employees is simple: prevention, education, and early intervention for soft tissue injuries. At ergoFLEX, our job is to help you save thousands in lost productivity and costs due to soft tissue, recordable claims—all at less than 10% of what the average claim might cost.

We’ll work closely with you to bring injury prevention education, ergonomic analysis and recommendations, and early intervention to your employees that need them. When your employees are more efficient and productive, so is your company. Take some time, look around and please contact us with any questions. We are confident we can help. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

On-Site Early Intervention

Soft-tissue injuries can go days or even weeks without being reported to a supervisor. Our early interventions help employees alleviate pain, tightness, tingling, or numbness… [Read more]


Our body mechanics trainings are interactive, entertaining, and designed to teach job-specific skills to avoid injury, increase productivity and save your company money… [Read more]

Ergonomic Evaluations

In both industrial and office settings, we find practical, low-cost ways to modify the existing workstation or equipment that will improve efficiency and decrease the risk of injury… [Read more]

New Employee Orientation

At ergoFLEX, we have found that new employees with proper body mechanics training are more likely to approach a supervisor and get help early if they start to have a problem… [Read more]